May 9, 2017

【jQuery】あると便利!Light Box系プラグイン10選でもご紹介したSwipebox。


<script src="lib/jquery-2.0.3.js"></script>
<script src="src/js/jquery.swipebox.js"></script>


<link rel="stylesheet" href="src/css/swipebox.css">


<a href="big/image.jpg" class="swipebox" title="My Caption">
<img src="small/image.jpg" alt="image">

Fire the plugin

<script type="text/javascript">
;( function( $ ) {

	$( '.swipebox' ).swipebox();

} )( jQuery );


useCSS : true, // false will force the use of jQuery for animations
initialIndexOnArray: 0, // which image index to init when a array is passed
removeBarsOnMobile : true, // false will show top navigation bar on mobile devices
hideCloseButtonOnMobile : false, // true will hide the close button on mobile devices
removeBarsOnMobile : true, // false will show bottom bar on mobile devices
hideBarsDelay : 3000, // delay before hiding bars on desktop
videoMaxWidth : 1140, // videos max width
beforeOpen: function(){} , // called before opening
afterOpen: null, // called after opening
afterClose: function(){}, // called after closing
afterMedia: function(){}, // called after media is loaded
loopAtEnd: false, // true will return to the first image after the last image is reached
autoplayVideos: false // true will autoplay Youtube and Vimeo videos
queryStringData: {} // plain object with custom query string arguments to pass/override for video URLs,
toggleClassOnLoad: '' // CSS class that can be toggled when the slide will be loaded (like 'hidden' of Bootstrap)
useSVG: true