March 23, 2018




Advanced Features

$('#kitty-one, #kitty-two, #kitty-three').printThis({
    importCSS: false,
    loadCSS: "path/to/new/CSS/file",
    header: "<h1>Look at all of my kitties!</h1>"


  debug: false,               // show the iframe for debugging
  importCSS: true,            // import page CSS
  importStyle: false,         // import style tags
  printContainer: true,       // grab outer container as well as the contents of the selector
  loadCSS: "path/to/my.css",  // path to additional css file - use an array [] for multiple
  pageTitle: "",              // add title to print page
  removeInline: false,        // remove all inline styles from print elements
  printDelay: 333,            // variable print delay
  header: null,               // prefix to html
  footer: null,               // postfix to html
  base: false ,               // preserve the BASE tag, or accept a string for the URL
  formValues: true,           // preserve input/form values
  canvas: false,              // copy canvas elements (experimental)
  doctypeString: "...",       // enter a different doctype for older markup
  removeScripts: false,       // remove script tags from print content
  copyTagClasses: false       // copy classes from the html & body tag