June 11, 2017


How to use

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="imagelightbox.js"></script>
    $( function()
        $( selector ).imageLightbox();


$( selector ).imageLightbox({
    selector:       'a[data-imagelightbox]', // string;
    id:             'imagelightbox',         // string;
    allowedTypes:   'png|jpg|jpeg||gif',     // string; * NOT WORKING ATM *
    animationSpeed: 250,                     // integer;
    activity:       false,                   // bool;            show activity indicator
    arrows:         false,                   // bool;            show left/right arrows
    button:         false,                   // bool;            show close button
    caption:        false,                   // bool;            show captions
    enableKeyboard: true,                    // bool;            enable keyboard shortcuts (arrows Left/Right and Esc)
    fullscreen:     true                     // bool;            enable fullscreen (enter/return key)
    gutter:         10,                      // integer;         window height less height of image as a percentage
    offsetY:        0,                       // integer;         vertical offset in terms of gutter
    lockBody:       false,                   // bool;            disables body scrolling when lightbox is open
    navigation:     false,                   // bool;            show navigation
    overlay:        false,                   // bool;            display the lightbox as an overlay
    preloadNext:    true,                    // bool;            silently preload the next image
    quitOnEnd:      false,                   // bool;            quit after viewing the last image
    quitOnImgClick: false,                   // bool;            quit when the viewed image is clicked
    quitOnDocClick: true,                    // bool;            quit when anything but the viewed image is clicked
    quitOnEscKey:   true                     // bool;            quit when Esc key is pressed

Starting lightbox with JavaScript call


<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="imagelightbox.js"></script>
    $( function()
        var gallery = $( selector ).imageLightbox();

Adding captions to lightbox

    <a data-imagelightbox="x" data-ilb2-caption="caption text"
        <img src="thumbnail.jpg" alt="fallback caption"/>