March 4, 2017



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					<span class="page-title" id="page1-title">The first computer system that understands taste.</span>
					<span class="page-body" id="page1-body">While researchers have experimented with increasingly complex mathematical models and “big data” techniques, the underlying frameworks of recommendation technology haven’t changed much since the late 1990s. <br><br>

					Engie takes a new approach to recommendations. Instead of focusing on traditional probability calculations based on user ratings, Engie weaves a holistic prediction algorithm together with systems that more deeply understand culture and taste. It's uncannily accurate, insanely fast, massively scalable, and works on all kinds of content.
					Our goal is extraordinary: to change the way people discover the world’s content. So our engine is, too.
					<a href="http://tamber.com">tamber.com</a></span>
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