【CSS】ナビゲーションを備えたフルスクリーンスライダーPure CSS Fullscreen Horizontal Slider

December 10, 2016

Pure CSS Fullscreen Horizontal SliderはCSSで構築されたナビゲーションを備えたフルスクリーンスライダー。

        <div class="wrap">
            <header>   <!-- header contains our navigation elements -->
              <label for="slide-1-trigger">Slide One</label>   <!-- slide-1-trigger -is the id name of our first radio button-->
              <label for="slide-2-trigger">Slide Two</label>
              <label for="slide-3-trigger">Slide Three</label>
              <label for="slide-4-trigger">Slide Four</label>
            <input id="slide-1-trigger" type="radio" name="slides" checked>  <!-- this is our radio slider section combinations here -->
            <section class="slide slide-one">
              <h1>Headline One</h1>
            <input id="slide-2-trigger" type="radio" name="slides"> 
            <section class="slide slide-two">
              <h1>Headline Two</h1>
            <input id="slide-3-trigger" type="radio" name="slides">
            <section class="slide slide-three">
              <h1>Headline Three</h1>
            <input id="slide-4-trigger" type="radio" name="slides">
            <section class="slide slide-four">
              <h1>Headline Four</h1>